News about BEC


BEC joining and sponsoring Copenhagen Pride

BEC is sponsoring Copenhagen Pride and will join this year’s pride parade.


BEC Talent Program named ”Best IT Internship Program”

Academic Partners Foundation in Poland has recognized the BEC Talent Program as Best IT Internship Program 2022 in the category software development.


40 years in BEC

Subject matter expert Frank Gyll Larsen celebrates 40-year anniversary in BEC.


BEC replaces board members

Vice chairman Gert R. Jonassen leaves BEC’s board of directors after 16 years.


CSR report for 2021 is now published

BEC has published its annual CSR report where you can read about BEC’s role as a responsible fintech company that creates value for both customers, employees, and society.


The fintech company BEC raised its ambitions and efficiency in 2021

One of Denmark’s largest fintech companies, BEC Financial Technologies, in 2021 delivered a high activity level, increased efficiency and finances in balance.


40 years in BEC

Business Analyst Ole Schwartzbach celebrates 40th anniversary at BEC.


40 years in BEC

Subject Matter Expert Lene Garner Durup celebrates 40 years at BEC.


Apply now for BEC Talent Program

BEC is now accepting applications for BEC Talent Program 2022. We are looking for curious, data-driven, and skilled graduates.


Vestjysk Bank and BEC complete successfull IT merger

Vestjysk Bank and BEC Financial Technologies have successfully merged the IT systems from Den Jyske Sparekasse and Vestjysk Bank.


BEC Financial Technologies opens its doors to school girls

October 6, BEC welcomes girls from 5th and 6th grade as part of Girls’ Day in Science in Denmark.


The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority approves BEC’s efforts on orders

The Danish FSA has now approved the improvements that BEC Financial Technologies has carried out to accommodate the orders received in 2018.


Young people with autism get permanent jobs in BEC Financial Technologies

BEC Financial Technologies has hired three former interns from AspIT with diagnoses in the autism spectrum. “They have some special talents that we need,” says BEC.


65,000 former BankNordik customers moved to Spar Nord’s IT platform

Spar Nord and BEC Financial Technologies have migrated 65,000 former BankNordik customers and approximately 100 former BankNordik employees to Spar Nord’s IT platform.


BEC to increase remote working, introducing flexible opt-in opportunities

Union representatives and management aim to reinvent BEC’s work culture with a new local agreement to increase flexible remote working. Effective from September 1, the agreement emphasizes that remote working is voluntary and requires a healthy remote working environment.


BEC launches account overview for business customers across banks

Soon, business customers in Spar Nord and other BEC banks can get a full overview in the online bank of all their bank accounts in various banks.


Hvidbjerg Bank has completed Denmark’s first payment with MitID

On Wednesday evening, Lene Vangsgaard Andersen from Hvidbjerg Bank became the first Dane to log in to her online bank and transfer money with Denmark’s new digital ID, MitID. All Danes who currently use NemID will soon use MitID instead.


The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority approves BEC’s IT solutions for open banking

The Danish FSA has now approved the IT solutions that give third parties access to make payments and access account information in the BEC banks. This is a milestone for BEC’s work for open banking.


CSR report 2020 – status on BEC’s corporate social responsibility work

BEC has published its annual CSR report, where you can read about BEC’s role as a responsible IT company that creates value for both customers, employees, and society.


The BEC banks increased their IT investments again in 2020

One of Denmark’s largest fintech companies has grown significantly again in 2020. The banks in the BEC collaboration have increased their IT investments and initiated extensive changes that will lead to faster IT development.


BEC announces new name, embracing fintech

‘BEC Financial Technologies’ is the new name of one of Denmark’s oldest and largest fintech companies.


BEC and Nordic API Gateway join forces towards open banking for 27 banks

BEC has entered into a new partnership with the leading open banking platform Nordic API Gateway. The collaboration is set to enable 27 banks in Denmark with open banking services for more than 2.1 million bank customers.


25 years in BEC

René Hartvig Pedersen is celebrating 25 years in BEC.


Major changes to simplify BEC

The Danish fintech company BEC is significantly simplifying its organization and processes. More employees will spend time on customers and deliveries, and fewer people will spend time on coordination and reporting, says CEO Jesper Nielsen.


BEC has the best employee image across three surveys

New studies from FinansWatch, Version2 and Universum show that BEC is the most attractive workplace among similar banking IT providers.


With the last requirements clarified, BEC is close to target for PSD2

The PSD2 directive entered into effect in September 2019, but the last technical requirements for Danish banks were not ready until October 2020. By January, BEC will be line with all requirements – except one awaiting MitID. The Danish FSA intends to issue orders on the outstanding requirements.


3 x 25 years in BEC

On December 1st, Henrik Jensen, Mette Sørensen Jensen and Nikolaj Piet Pagh can celebrate their firsts 25 years with BEC.


BEC hit by fictitious cyber attack during national cyber defense drill

On Thursday 19 November, critical sectors in the Danish Society for the first time conducted a joint, nationwide cyber exercise. The exercise simulated that BEC and others were targed by a ransomware attack.


BEC and SAS Institute put cloud technology into the fight against money laundering

BEC has signed a contract with SAS Institute for a new cloud platform to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. A three-digit million DKK investment ensures BEC banks access to globally leading technology to fight crime.


BEC’s mobile bank reaches one billion log ons

After almost 10 years of operation, BEC’s mobile bank has reached its first one billion log ons.