Development together with our customers

Many of BEC’s customers are also co-owners. Customers work closely with BEC to develop new IT solutions. This is how the BEC community makes optimal use of our total development power.

BEC has a strong and varied customer base, enabeling our customers to share IT development costs, whether in the form of IT solutions at BEC, or as purchasing and integrating third-party solutions for capital markets, ATMs, workspace solutions, etc.

A number of customers are also co-owners – members – and contribute their skills in BEC’s decision-making forums and agile development projects. This is how the BEC community ensures solutions that meet the customers’ business needs as quickly and precisely as possible.

Community with development power and clear priorities

BEC’s members are in agreement that as much as possible of members’ IT should be common BEC solutions. This is how the BEC community makes optimal use of our combined development power.

At the same time, the BEC community has the digital ambitions and decision-making power to prioritize clearly which focus areas should be addressed in which order. Thanks to clear priorities from the members, BEC can execute quickly, efficiently and with focus on the customer journeys and the technological improvements that create the greatest value for our customers in the BEC community.

“What’s important is not our organization chart, but how we collaborate with each other and our customers.”
Jesper Nielsen, CEO

BEC ensures compliance for useful business solutions

For a number of years, compliance has been taking on an increasing role in BEC’s development activities. It is important for BEC to monitor new regulations and, as early as possible, inform our clients on future compliance requirements. Compliance solutions are also developed agilely and in stages, so that our customers can implement their own processes step-by-step.

Compliance solutions are largely IT solutions necessary for operating a financial institution (“license to operate”), but to a lesser extent they help strengthen the financial institutions’ business. However, when new regulation requires new or altered solutions, BEC seizes the opportunity to invest in enhancing the solution’s value creation, whenever possible.

Optimal processes provide optimal value for the systems

BEC also provides consultancy and training in processes and process optimization, ensuring that BEC’s clients plan their workflows and use the technology optimally to focus their resources where they will create the greatest value.

Innovation power

BEC is able to analyze and execute quickly in a financial sector and digital world in extremely rapid development. BEC monitors technological trends and their potential impact on clients, and continuously assesses the maturity and change potential of new technologies in the financial sector.

Small and large banks also gain innovation power through the BEC community. Agile development methods strengthen innovation through the close involvement of our customers and high flexibility. We are therefore able to release many more, smaller and faster partial deliveries, which elicit immediate user feedback, which is then incorporated into later deliveries.

BEC’s technologies must be flexible tools that enable customers to differentiate, develop, innovate and pursue their individual business strategies in order to strengthen their relevance to their customers.

Finally, the BEC community wishes to remain attractive financial and technological partners. The community is therefore open to collaboration with traditional and new stakeholders, including young fintech companies, which integrate with clients via BEC’s standardized interfaces (APIs).

Specialized development for the Danish financial sector

BEC also solves specialized development tasks for members and other customers with special needs that fall outside the community’s broad banking platform. This applies to individual tasks for both  banks and other financial sector stakeholders.