CSR report and code of conduct

BEC’s most important social impact and focus is to support a secure, stable, resilient, growth-enhancing and innovation-promoting financial infrastructure in Denmark.

BEC’s annual CSR report provides an overview of BEC’s societal impact and corporate social responsibility.

BEC is a central player in Denmark’s financial infrastructure and stability. A significant proportion of Danes and Danish companies have their main bank connection in one of the banks on BEC’s IT platform. BEC’s most important societal impact is therefore to support secure, stable, resilient, financial infrastructure in Denmark to promote growth and innovation.

BEC provides IT solutions that prevent money laundering, safeguard personal data, protect private investors and provide better calculations of banks’ capital requirements in order to reduce the risk of future financial crises.

In the CSR report, you can read about BEC’s work on corporate carbon footprint, digital competencies, healthy and flexible workplace, talent programs, diversity and inclusion, data ethics and much more.

Code of conduct

The code of conduct addresses the values and ethical guidelines pertaining to how we act towards each other and the outside world. Integrity is a key value here. BEC’s code of conduct is embedded in various policies that provide a framework for our everyday work. Read our code of conduct in its entirety here. To illustrate, here are some excerpts:

Partnership with the customer

BEC employees are key people in contact with our clients, and BEC employees have a special responsibility for creating a good partnership.


At BEC, we make each other better. There must be respect and understanding both for the community and for the individual. BEC does not accept discrimination based on, i.e., gender, ethnicity, sexuality, political observation, religion or age.

Personal conduct

BEC expects courtesy and respect to be accorded to colleagues and relations in BEC’s surroundings. BEC does not concern itself with BEC employees’ private circumstances, but they are expected to behave in a way that cannot harm BEC’s reputation.


BEC’s anticorruption policy helps ensure that BEC employees show discernment and only accept and give gifts that are of symbolic value.

Security and confidentiality

BEC protects confidential information, regardless of whether it comes from customers, suppliers, external partners or other departments.