BEC buys mit.dk solution for a number of Danish banks

BEC and Netcompany have entered into an agreement on the operation and delivery of a new archive solution on the mit.dk platform to a number of Danish banks.

BEC Financial Technologies is entering into yet another strategic technology partnership, this time with Netcompany to replace BEC’s extensive, self-developed archive solutions with the cloud platform mit.dk.

The new archive will handle documents for over two million Danish bank customers from a number of Danish banks such as Nykredit, Spar Nord and Arbejdernes Landsbank, which together serve one in four Danish bank customers.

“With mit.dk, BEC is taking a solid step away from older technology that we have built ourselves, and into a modern standard solution from a leading technology partner, which we integrate into our complete IT platform for Danish banks,” says development director Karsten Malten from BEC.

Mit.dk is already the engine behind digital mail for over 3 million Danes and the handling of millions of documents per month from more than 4,500 companies.

“With mit.dk, BEC gets an archive solution that is built on proven modular technology with high security and full GDPR compliance. The solution can therefore be quickly rolled out and scaled,” says Thomas Holst Demant, partner in mit.dk and Netcompany.

The archive solution opens up future development opportunities in BEC, which can, for example, make it easier to automate workflows in banks and ensure faster case processing for bank customers.

“In addition, the solution can be expanded in the future with new modules that can further strengthen bank customers’ digital customer journeys, e.g., sharing important documents and obtaining consents,” says Thomas Holst Demant.

A proven, scalable archive

The new document archive from mit.dk provides the BEC banks with future-proof technology, which will, among other things, make it easier and faster for the banks to find and work with customers’ documents, thus providing faster and better advice and ensuring a better customer experience.

“Mit.dk’s archive solution is well-tested on a large scale and built on open standards that move us forward towards a flexible and open IT architecture. With the archive from mit.dk, we can also start gathering all the bank’s documents on one, modern platform. This will allow us to close both our main mainframe archive from 1997, which is difficult to further develop, and a number of other supplementary archives in BEC and the banks,” says Karsten Malten from BEC.

The new mit.dk archive for BEC is provided by Netcompany, which will be responsible for operating the solution in the same way that the company handles the Danish public digital post solution and mit.dk.

The solution is delivered as ‘software as a service’ on a multi-year operations agreement, and the platform runs on Netcompany’s own cloud service on servers in Denmark powered by renewable energy.

The agreement comes after a number of other strategic news from BEC, which in November announced a new development hub, expanded operations partnership with JN Data, and new organization and CTO, which will, among other things, accelerate BEC’s transformation towards modern, open technologies such as mit.dk.