New online bank for every five Danish banking customers

21 percent of Danish bank customers have gotten a new online bank after the IT company BEC has launched its new online bank for private customers. The new online bank has been developed and launched over a couple of years, where many bank customers have had the opportunity to try it out.

In recent years, thousands of customers in the BEC banks have helped develop a new and modern online bank for private customers. Now BEC’s old online bank will disappear, and all the 21 percent of Danes who are customers of BEC banks will in future use the newly developed online bank.

“The new online bank combines simplicity, user-friendliness and self-service with easy contact between customers and banks,” says development director Henrik Jensen, BEC.

BEC supplies banking technology to a number of Danish banks, from Nykredit and Spar Nord to Merkur Andelskasse and Hvidbjerg Bank.

The new online bank now covers all the functions that were to be moved from the old online bank. Therefore, the time has come to remove access to the old online bank, so that customers now can only access the new online bank.

New online banking developed together with customers

The new online bank has for a couple of years been used by an increasing number of customers in several BEC banks. Here, customers have been able to choose whether they wanted to use the new online bank – thereby helping the banks and BEC to test and provide feedback on the new solution.

“We have developed the new online bank for three years and have been in operation with more and more users for a couple of years. Launching a new online bank is always a difficult operation. Everyone uses an online bank, and therefore everyone also has their own views on what is good, neat and useful. That is why it has been enormously valuable to test the online bank in the everyday lives of a lot of regular bank customers,” says Henrik Jensen, BEC.

“We have created a consistent design that works on all screen sizes and matches our Android and iPhone apps. Many functions and options have been built from scratch, while other, well-functioning functions have been moved into the new frame with a facelift, so that the design and user experience are consistent. ”

Henrik Jensen says that online banking will again be expanded in 2021 with additional, user-driven functionality that will support both the users’ needs and the banks’ ambitions for efficient digital channels.