Partnerships and PSD2

Learn more about our PSD2 compliant API’s.

Join the (r)evolution of open banking by building with the API’s from a wide range of Danish financial institutions including Handelsbanken, Spar Nord (check out Spar Nord Open Banking), Nykredit, Arbejdernes Landsbank and a number of local and regional Danish banks.

PSD2 compliant API’s

Check out our API portal. Here you will find a sandbox environment of PSD2 compliant API’s on behalf of BEC banks.

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We also invite you to develop your application together with the BEC banks. Apply now and join other fintechs such as Lunar Way, SubHub, Ernit, TestaViva and MyMonii who have already established partnerships with BEC banks.

Are you looking to partner up?

Get in touch if you are interested in access to BEC’s API’s or otherwise looking to partner up.

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